For Consignors
Consignor Information

Do you have clothing that your children have outgrown or have never worn?  Do you have toys, games, furniture and other items taking up space?

DollyDoodle Consignment provides you with an online inventory entry system to enter your items and price them as you please.  We will then pay you 70% of your total sales.  Becoming a DollyDoodle Consignor is fast and easy.
This year we will be hosting an online sale.
As a consignor - you will get to shop a day earlier than everyone else! We will send you a pre-sale link.

 There are 3 different types of Consignors:

  • Premier Consignors – We enter and tag your inventory for you.
    All you need to do is drop off your clean items with hangers and we will take care of the rest!  We will price your items to sell and give you 50% of the total sales. Please note that we have a limited number of Premier slots.  If you are interested, please email us at
  • Regular Consignors - You prepare, enter, and tag their own items and earn 70% of the sale price.
    Consignor Fee: There is an $10 fee for regular consignors and $20 fee for Premier consignors to consign at each sale that will be taken from your total sales. There is no fee charged until an item sells, so if you don’t sell any items (which is highly unlikely) there is no fee!